Odette Pentax

Odette Pentax


Odette Pentax: Limited Edition: 1/1

1982 Pentax MG photograph (Japan)

In 1982 Pentax launched the MG, which was to take over from the ME, abandoned after the appearance of the ME super. It is a non-disengageable automatic device with diaphragm priority. The mode selection button, which surrounds the shutter release, allows the choices of AUTO (1 second to 1/1000), 100X (flash sync to 1/100 of a second), and pose B. halfway down the shutter button. The display in the viewfinder, by diodes indicating the speed, is timed to save the batteries.


Composed of a decorative bulb, a Pentax steel / aluminum device and a power cable equipped with a dimmer switch. This lamp finds its place ideally on a table or bedside table.
Graphic and refined, the Odette Pentax is a unique model. Its minimalist design is the work of the Atelier Monsieur Lumière creation studio.
Bulb: 1x60W E27 decorative (included)