Marceau G.

Marceau G.


Camera model ETM GIC 8 from 1949 (France)

Rarity index in France: Rare

Following the transformation of the company ETM into GIC in 1949 Marcel BEAULIEU creates a camera which will carry this mark. It will be available in 3 formats: 8 mm, 9.5 mm and 16 mm. The only differences relate to the film drive system in each of these formats and the objectives. They are simple and robust cameras.

After the departure of Marcel BEAULIEU these different models will continue to be manufactured until 1953. They will be taken over in 1955 by the company SEFRAM then in 1958 by SAFAC LB which will improve them and distribute them under the name of MOVIREX and SUPER MOVIREX until 1961.


Composed of a steel and wood tripod, a metal curved tubular arm and a power cable equipped with a switch. It finds its place ideally on the floor one on a table.
Graphic and refined, the Marceau G. is a unique piece. Its minimalist design is the work of the Monsieur Lumière creation workshop.
Bulb: Decorative E27 (included)

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