Louis Vuitton - Limited edition

Louis Vuitton - Limited edition


 Limited edition: 1/1

Kodak photography model  HAWK EYE  from 1926 (USA)

Rarity index in France: Very rare


This camera being similar to the British variant of the 2A folding Autographic Brownie, built from 1926 with a Kodex shutter, I chose to date this one on the basis of this resemblance.

This Hawk-Eye is not autographic. It has a Kodak anastigmat 6.3 / 12 cm lens. The loading of the film is done from the front, by removing the bellows and lowering it.



Composed of a decorative bulb, a Kodak steel bellows device and a power cable equipped with a dimmer switch. This lamp ideally finds its place on a table or bedside table.
Graphic and refined, this limited edition  is a single model. Its minimalist design is the work of the Monsieur Lumière design studio.
Bulb: 1x60W E27 decorative  (provided)

  • Product info

    • Color: Original Louis Vuitton red leather, copper sleeve

    • Reference: 2006

    • Dimensions: H 40cm / L 13cm / l 7.5cm / Cable 1.50m

    • Total weight: 1.9kg

    • For whom: For all

    • Universe: Indoor

    • Installation: Table

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