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The founders

"The meeting of two personalities at the service of creation, art and decoration"


"The Atelier Monsieur Lumière was born from the meeting between my two passions: vintage furniture and cinema.
Student in cinema and theater school at Cours Florent and passionate about design, I had the idea to create Atelier Monsieur Lumière in 2018: authentic cameras, film cameras and video projector, transformed into vintage decorative lighting.
I decided to recycle obsolete devices, in order to give them a second life. Each piece becomes unique."

Victor Azoulay 

Victor is my childhood friend. I joined the Atelier monsieur Lumière adventure in 2020. Having graduated from a business school in France and New York, I immediately felt the potential of Victor's creations.
Today, I manage our worldwide reseller network and brand development. 
I am convinced that our creations give a real character to the room. They are there to sublimate the interior and create an effect of surprise and curiosity. 

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William Peters

L'Atelier, located in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, is a place of unlimited creativity, we receive our resellers and individuals who wish to order a creation or have one of their old devices personalized.

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