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Lighting based on authentic old cameras & film cameras.

"Our lighting is exclusively created and assembled in France"
Recette d'une pièce unique - Lampe Cinéma

Ampoule Girard Sudron

Globe Filament LED

Douille Girard Sudron

Laiton E27 filetée noir


Prise 230V 

Christen 8

Camera super 8mm -  1950


H 48cm / L 30cm / l 25cm 

Trepieds artisanal

Matière bois et fer

New arrivals
Designer's note

Founded by Victor Azoulay in 2018, L'Atelier Monsieur Lumière is a French startup born between two worlds: vintage decoration and cinema.

Student in a cinema school and a passionate designer, Victor came up with the idea of creating what did not exist: cameras, film cameras transformed into vintage decorative lighting. Each piece becomes unique.

"Cinema is modern writing whose ink is the light"

Melissa Theuriau, journaliste et productrice nous donne son avi

Melissa Theuriau, journalist and producer

Thank you very much for the quality of your product and the quick shipment, my husband and I love both of the lamps you have chosen for us. We will not hesitate to share them on the networks!

Hélène Sy, fondatrice de l'association Cékedubonheur nous donne son avi

Hélène Sy, founder of the Cékedubonheur association

The authentic models we have received are beautiful! We thank you again for your professionalism and your participation in our association Cékedubonheur! Great!